BH Cosmetics is currently having their midsummer sale with 30 percent off site wide and a free gift. Although, I should be saving my coins to revamp my closet for the upcoming Fall I won't deny, I've been putting things in my cart on the website and then deleting them since the sale started.
   One item in particular that kept making its way into my cart is the BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlight Palette. The shades remind me of Kat Von D's Alchemist Holographic. The Blacklight Highlight palette is currently 11.89 and the Kat Von D's palette is 32.00 dollars online at Sephora. No doubt, the Blacklight Palette does appear a bit darker in color than Kat Von D's but if its a close enough dupe, there's no real loss to be taken.

   The thing about this rainbow inspired highlight palette is that defining element of glow versus color pay off. When I buy a rainbow inspired highlight or highlight palette, I still want it to look like highlight not like I've brushed eyeshadow across my face. The line I dance on with these shades of glow vs. color pay off are thin, but it's a dance worth doing. Establishing a subtle glow with a hint of color whether purple or pink can set your makeup look apart with ease. The swatches look promising which we snatched from Bh Cosmetics snapchat.

via BH Cosmetics Snapchat 

 I would love to use this palette for both highlight and more subtle eyeshadow looks. This rainbow spectrum of colors cross into mermaid highlighter territory and I'm in love. Will you be adding this palette to your cart?

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