Duckie Thot photographed by Tom Newton 

    Duckie Thot is the model you need to get familiar with if you haven't already. With her dazzling deep skin tone and baffling beauty, she is certainly the model of the moment! Featuring in Tim Walker's reimagining of Alice in Wonderland in the 2018 Pirelli Calendar, Duckie Thot is further cementing her career and quickly becoming a household name.

   After working with the legendary Pat Mcgrath and modeling Rihanna's Fenty x Puma Collection, our budding icon is truly blossoming. The Sudanese-Australian Model spoke with Vogue discussing  her own rules and living her dreams.  Thot is all about trailblazing her own path stating, “I think that within the industry there comes a lot of rules that models feel they need to play by, but I’m not about that. If you like what I’m doing, that is great, but if you don’t, that is a personal preference and it’s fine also. It’s important to find that balance and not take things too personally." 

( From her Pat Mcgrath campaign) 
     She also had this to say about achieving her dreams and seeing herself in the magazines. “I always loved flicking through magazines, looking through the photos and knowing that there is a story behind them. Being a part of it now is incredible, seeing 30 people on set just working to get that one image. As a child I’d look and say, ‘wow that girl looks so amazing,’ so doing it now is a dream come true.” We look forward to seeing her artistic Alice and Wonderland shots and we adore the representation and inspiration she brings to young black women like herself who also flip through magazines and want to see themselves on those glossy pages. 

   Credit to Vogue

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