Romance inspired makeup products are designed for swoon worthy looks. Imagine the femme fatale in your favorite love story being introduced on scene, or that pivotal moment when she realizes she's in love, what look is she donning? There are different subcultures to romance. From the everyday romance novel, dramatic and hella feminine or something vintage like the 70s era of afro puffs, flower crowns and meeting your soulmate down a soul train line, makeup has been fitting for any occasion. Lets discuss a few romantic tropes that have inspired makeup creativity.

The First Love Romance 
Typically her cheeks are consistently flushed with a deep rosy blush, certainly some highlight is being utilized for that glow and  fluttery lashes to add drama to her falling in love at first sight. 

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The Dark Romance 

Maybe her eyeshadow is a bit darker and her mascara is a little smudged. She rushed out the door this morning to see her man off and her lipstick is dark to represent the depth of her words when she speaks to her love. 

The Mysterious Lover

Then there's the mysterious lover, with a smoky eye, deep burgundy matte liquid lipstick with epic eyelashes. She wears a contour sharp enough to kill or at least tear you open and reveal your deepest secrets.

The Life of the Party Lover

 Lets not overlook the "we met at a party and..." look, her eyeshadow was disco ball glitter, strong bows and wore a bold lip celebrating for the sake of celebration. In the midst of enjoying her own presence, he was struck but the diamond like glitter adorning her lips and eyelids.

There are many more romance inspired makeup tutorials to try so don't be afraid to experiment. Makeup inspiration can be any and everywhere so why not indulge? Let us know in the comment section below which look is your favorite. 

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