The average student isn't asking for much. Some makeup of good quality that doesn't break the bank is all we plead for. A palette prepped for eye looks that doesn't take too much effort sounds great for the busy  student who only has about 30 minutes before class starts. This is a palette of  shimmers and mattes that will make that extra 30 minutes you could of spent sleeping, worth it.

  Allow me to introduce you to the Kara Palette! Kara Palettes are well known for being Morphe palettes' inexpensive cousins. The palettes are fairly pigmented at about 15 dollars and quite large.

The Kara Natural Matte Eyeshadow for 14.99 at 
   Kara Bright Natural Eyeshadow 14.99 at

These palettes are great for neutral looks and enough colors so you shouldn't have to go rifling through a million different palettes and pigments to finish your look. With these Kara palettes you get a lot of product, pigmentation and a pocket friendly price which are the goals for the college student who still wants to look alive even if they don't feel that way.

If Kara palettes aren't the wave for you, then by all means take a look at ELF's eyeshadow palettes for about 10 dollars each! The ELF eyeshadow palettes are a bit more travel friendly than the Kara palettes and they tend to share a lot of the same Fall friendly shade range.

Last but certainly not least are the heavily slept on Eye Candy Series from NYX Cosmetics. Travel friendly, a nice mix of mattes and shimmers, complimentary colors and affordable are just a few things I'd like to say about these palettes. Each palette is extremely pigmented and bubbling with potential.

Ultimately after budgeting for books, food and transportation don't count yourself out of the makeup game this semester. These affordable palettes hopefully won't let you down. Are there any makeup looks you're interested in debuting this semester?

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