LA Colors has been the beauty for cheap champion for as long as I can remember. From one dollar lipsticks to 2 dollar eyebrow products and eyeliners, LA Colors has always been the go to brand for a little makeup fix. Although, LA Colors is not a high end brand, the shift in their product selection does say something for the makeup industry as a whole. 
I was looking around my local dollar store and ran into this eyeshadow palette. The palette is called Rose from LA Colors and the shades remind me a lot of the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. There are many dupes for high end brands like ABH so it didn't surprise me that LA Colors was catching on to what's popular among makeup consumers. What caught me off guard was the mix of shimmers and mattes in the palette. 
Brands like LA Colors are typically good for sending out some cheaper shimmers but when you begin to mix in mattes and satins of this shade range, it means the basis for what's typical from these kinds of brands is changing. Your favorite affordable brand whether, LA Colors, LA Girl or Wet n Wild are listening, taking notes and taking action. Is the day for the one dollar matte eyeshadow palette coming? Will the palette reflect the quality to keep up with the competition, lets find out. 

Here are a few swatches from LA Color's Rose Palette.

The shadows swatch a little chalky but overall they're pretty decent especially for 2 dollars. The shimmery purple and pink was a little underwhelming but that olive tone was a star in it's own right. The palette is great for a makeup beginner who's looking for something inexpensive and not necessarily as bold. The shadows blend decently, the application could of been a touch smoother but overall I give the palette a solid B for effort and color range.

Have you seen any inexpensive matte eyeshadow palettes? Do you think this trend in makeup is here to stay?

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