Khloe Dosh, an excellent makeup artist and vlogger, is very familiar with the art of the viral IG video. Many of Dosh's videos have stirred the pot. From showing us how to lift under arm dark spots with a lovely mix of Elmer's glue and turmeric to doing a cut crease with a clothes hanger, Dosh has no problem with more eccentric beauty practices.
  Khloe Dosh's most recent video went viral on Instagram when she's seen using a hot glue gun to hold down her wig. Dosh quickly posted a follow up video explaining that she didn't really use the hot glue gun in question. Dosh decided to use her popularity to capture the attention of her audience and to share a very valuable lesson, see the videos below.

  Dosh's Faux Hot Glue Gun Tutorial

  After Khloe sends a shock to her viewers she quickly directed their attention to a lesson about not allowing "fear to control you". Dosh raises a good point that we all reserve the right to find our own paths regardless of what anyone has to say. In a social media age, everyone has an opinion and a lot of them can be quite nasty when shared on the internet. We applaud Dosh's willingness to use her platform for good and sharing something necessary and powerful to not only her fellow content creators, but everyone who's simply trying to pioneer their own path.

πŸ—£πŸ—£▶️ PRESS PLAY AND LISTEN▶️ There's times when I wake up and say "I'm gonna prove a point today " and social media never fails me . ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ❌Y'all argue about clickbait as if you can't click off the video the same way you clicked on . ❌ y'all argue about black women and weaves/ wigs as if EVERY RACE doesn't throw a wig or weave in every now and then . ❌ y'all argue about makeup artistry , who deserves what etc as if that will make people watch YOUR videos or support YOUR work . ❌ y'all argue about the lack of respect in the black community and on social media yet disrespect each other publicly on a daily basis . And there is so much more but the reason why I've been so blessed is because you live your life REGARDLESS . You won't ever win with people and you don't need to Record your video with your low ass quality phone . Be FAT . Be SKINNY . Use expensive ass makeup . Use dollar tree makeup . Be serious . Be extra . Be whoever , whenever . If someone wants to stop you , they'll have to stop worrying about you and work on getting pass you . πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’…πŸΏ
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