Happy New Year and Happy Hauls!

Happy New Year guys! I know I've been MIA a lot lately but I'm back and I'm ready to serve the content you all deserve. I need to build a blog posting habit and get back into writing the way I did when I first started this blog. Remember the consistency of the old She Has the Eye days?
    I was sharing social media tips and style inspiration every single day. My old posting schedule was unrealistic, a touch congested but it pushed me to keep my blog on my mind. Of course posting every single day didn't last long, life happened and the content slowed down-but that ends here. I'm going to be back and posting five times a week whether it's on social media tips, fashion and beauty. I'm excited with this new posting schedule and can't wait to fall back into my old writing rhythm. She Has the Eye lasted through the year 2017 but will succeed in the year 2018.
    A lot may have happened this year, things you planned for and things you didn't. You're still here and every breath you take makes a world of difference. Your consistent existence is enough because with every moment of life there is opportunity for things to get better and that is something to celebrate.
    I want us all to start off the new year fresh, relaxed and frankly treating ourselves because we made it here in one piece! So if you're down for a few suggestions on where to get a few end of the year treats check out the end of the year sales below!

  Sephora's end of the year sales are literally cutting their prices in half. These are our top five picks for the budget friendly makeup maven.

Here are our top five skincare picks during this Sephora sale blow out!

Here's to amazing shopping hauls, crossing off goals and great quality glitter shades in the year of 2018!