It was a chilly Monday morning and I had errands to run. The desire to remain curled up in my bed was strong and mighty but I just managed to get into the shower. After struggling through my skincare routine I actually found myself cringing at the idea of putting on makeup, because that meant more work had to be done.
   Putting on foundation meant applying primer, and then I would have to wet my beauty blender and  I'd have to contour so my face wouldn't look so flat. After applying a little eyeshadow so it looks coordinated with the lipstick I wore, I realized I needed a "no makeup", makeup look. I searched through my cosmetics and realized I didn't have anything that I could just slap on and go. Everything I owned was merely one step to part of a slightly more complex process and without it I was certain I'd look misplaced. My need for a relaxed routine would have to wait, until I recently watched a Patricia Bright video about the brand, Glossier.
  Youtuber and beauty influencer Patricia Bright did a video reviewing a full face of products from the signature glowy brand. Terms like "glow from within", "dewy" and "tinted makeup" sounded like a dream for someone such as myself who wanted to look a bit more put together without putting in the work to look put together. Glossier is all about foundation tints and lip tints in cute, minimalistic packaging that sometimes doubles as skincare, that alone made me an interested customer.

   Personally, I don't have perfect skin but I don't mind if a few of my imperfections peek through. I just want my skin to look healthy, hydrated and mostly even toned and that's all Glossier claims to do. Glossier's products are fairly straight forward and because they specialize in the more natural and simplistic side of beauty it's application is quick and easy.
  I've decided to do a Glossier haul in a few weeks and hopefully it will be the perfect, sleepy day makeup kit. Are there any brands that are speaking your language like Glossier is speaking mine? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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