Romwe Review: The Jewelry Haven?

  Romwe is an online site that sells accessories, jewelry and clothing. The clothes are typically at a discounted price and it seems there's always a 70 or 80 percent off sale taking place.Personally, I don't purchase romwe's clothing because as much as I measure the width of my shoulders, waist, hips and bust I never get the sizing right and suddenly I'm donating a haul to the Goodwill.

   Although I decided not to purchase any of Romwe's clothes, I love their jewelry selection. They always have some of the cutest pieces for cheap and a lot of the customers leave reviews on the quality of the jewelry so you can get an accurate look at what you're paying for. I always find at least 6-7 jewelry items for under 5 dollars.

The quality of the jewelry is reminiscent of items you find at your local beauty supply.  My earrings arrived packaged in a small box and wrapped individually. Unfortunately, one pair of my earrings did arrive broken but that was quickly fixed with some super glue. I don't expect the highest quality from earrings that are five dollars and under but I do expect my earrings to arrive in one piece especially if I pay 2 dollars for mailing insurance, so it was a let down that one of my purchases still didn't quite survive the trip. 
The earrings are light in weight, bright in color and a bit cheap as far as sturdiness. Ultimately, I purchased 12 pairs of earrings including shipping and the insurance for 34 dollars and I'm very happy(despite the one pair that got hurt in transit). I plan on doing another haul of their earrings and I might buy a pair of their makeup brushes.