Secret Key's Rose Floral Softening Toner Review

    When I began adding toners to my regimen I was certain my skin needed a strong astringent to help balance it out and to keep excess sebum at bay. After using the Alba Botanicals toner , then switching to Dr. Thayers Witch Hazel and then Dickinson's Witch Hazel I assumed toners were supposed to burn a little, until I did my research. Toners are supposed to primarily be refreshing, a little sensation but not sting and make you wince.

  My toner usage became associated with abrasiveness but I was so sure that this was apart of the beautiful skin process no one tells you about. My skin was getting clearer everyday but it was unusually sensitive and dry. I finally broke my abrasive toner habit after I woke up with dry and cracked skin after using my Dickinson toner one late night without doing my full hydration routine. I shouldn't have to pack on seven layers of an essence to combat the drying elements of my toner and I was fed up with the process. Why were my skincare products fighting against each other? I came to the conclusion that my skin needed hydrating toners versus my love/hate relationship with astringents.

  I decided to give the Secret Key Floral Rose Softening Toner a try after browsing the Shop Hush app. The bottle of toner is pretty big and it was 10 dollars with free shipping because I bought it through the app. I was admittedly apprehensive, I never thought something as mild as rosewater was going to do much for my skin as far as cleansing. After the first application of this toner, I suddenly understood all of the love for rosewater.

   The toner does have a rose smell as you could assume, it's not necessarily that strong but it is noticeable. Putting on the toner with a cotton round it successfully took care of the oil and product build up on my skin.. My skin was not stripped but it did feel clean and in fact it felt hydrated!
        After using this toner I went to the Shop Hush app only to find the toner was sold out. I quickly went to Amazon to look for this toner and I finally found it, but the shipping unfortunately wasn't free like in the app. Hopefully the Shop Hush app restocks this product, because this toner has quickly become a staple in my routine. In case the toner doesn't make it's Shop Hush return I recently invested in Heritage's Rose Water Toner which was slightly cheaper and fairly similar in formula. I will be doing a comparison review of the two toners soon to see which will be my skin champion.