Tea Tree Sheet Mask from Beauty Secret Lab Review


   After taking a quick trip to my local TJ Maxx I bought a few skincare items. A new face serum, face oil and a few boxes of sheet masks, yes an entire 10 sheet pack of sheet masks. I purchased the 10 pack of Beauty Secret Lab Tea Tree Sheet Masks for 6 dollars. TJ Maxx, Big Lots and other slept on stores are the reason I refuse to pay over a dollar for a sheet mask when I know there are people out there buying them 50 cent or less. I truly believe with the rising popularity of k-beauty there are many brands trying to keep up and put their spin on the already beloved sheet mask market, what they aren't trying to keep up with is the average price range, but that's a rant for another day.

  The sheet mask claimed to be an acne treatment to be used 1-2 times a week if necessary. Before applying the mask I had a few under the skin blemishes that were just beginning to make their presence known. I hoped that using the mask would absorb any oils that were giving life to the blemishes.
     I used my rosewater toner to give the mask a clean base to adhere to and help in the essences' absorption. The sheet masks had a scent of tea tree and a touch medicinal but it wasn't overwhelming and gave plenty of essence(the tea tree serum) within the sheet mask packet.  Texture wise, the sheet mask itself felt thick and sturdy and was made from bamboo.
   I left the treatment on my skin for about 15 minutes. After removing the mask the remaining essence took a minute to absorb into my skin and there was some tackiness left on my skin that I eventually rinsed off. Sensitive and a touch dry, my skin was feeling the effects of the powerful tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known as an intense antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which is why it's necessary to dilute tea tree oil when using it.
   I let a day pass before using the tea tree sheet mask again because tea tree oil is very strong and can  dry out your skin. The second time I used the mask I faced the same tackiness issue but the raised blemishes I had 2 days ago were practically gone. Although the raised bumps on my skin had seemingly disappeared, my face was a lot more sensitive, dry and I experienced redness on the tops of my cheeks.
    The tea tree oil content in this mask is not to be played with. After only two uses of the sheet mask my skin was clear but also dying for hydration. I used the 7 skin method and some aloe vera gel to help calm my skin down after the second use of the mask. I find that the mask is inexpensive, effective, strong and I would advise giving your skin more than one day to  to recuperate between uses. The potency of this mask has me interested in the other products that Beauty Secret Lab have created such as their Blueberry Sheet Mask. Blueberry has many benefits towards brightening the skin and working on sun damage which is what I plan on targeting in my skin regimen this year. Beauty Secret Lab has quickly gained a position on my favorite sheet mask brand list.
     What was the most powerful sheet mask you've used so far this year? What's your favorite sheet mask brand, leave a comment below.